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All State Post Entry Form

All-State Criteria

All-Posts must be 100% in membership by April 1, 2020, posted on membership report by National HQ to be eligible to receive their award at the State Convention.


Posts can continue for All-State and All-American after the April 1st deadline however, they may not receive their award until after the Department Convention, and they will have to buy their own white hat. Final deadline is June 30, 2020.


All Post Commanders and Quartermasters meeting all eligibility criteria will be considered for All-State recognition.


Commanders and Quartermasters must serve a complete term in office.


Participation in the following VFW Core Programs is required:

-Voice of Democracy

-Patriot Pen

-Citizenship Education, Teacher of the Year

-Must order Buddy Poppies - minimum of 5 per member.

-Donation to National Veterans Military Support Service - minimum $100.

-Post Commanders, or their designee, per Section 218 of the National VFW Manual of Procedure, shall attend all district meetings as verified by the State representative's visitation report.

-Post Commanders shall submit a Post Entry Form and their 2019-2020 Commander's Manual to the State Headquarters no later than 12 Noon, April 15, 2020. The calendar in the manual will reflect significant events of the Commander and Post during the year.


Eisenhower Award - Selected by the State Commander